Personal Coaching
Available Nationally

Imagine having a personal empowerment coach that is effective, simple, and helpful to get you beyond your current potential. Dara Connolly is passionate about empowering women. She was an introvert her entire life who learned that with Confidence, Clear Goals, and proper Coaching you can make your wildest dreams a reality.

If she can do it, you can too!

Personal coaching with Dara Connolly will help you increase your confidence and assertiveness, and help you pursue your goals. This coaching program helps women develop:

  1. Assertiveness & Public Speaking!
Whether you wish to speak up to family members, at work meetings, or on a stage of thousands, women who speak their truth are more confident and
successful. Practice finding your voice in our coaching

  1. Setting Boundaries!
When you build up your confidence your energy radiates and you attract positive people to you. Learn effective tools to help you keep energy draining
workplace bullies, abusive family members, and predators out of your life.

3 Reach Personal Goals!
Maybe you wish to go back to work, meet new friends, earn more money, or travel the world. Whatever your goals are, one on one coaching provides skills to help you get clear on your objectives and start pursuing your dreams with practical steps.

  1. Self-Defense!
Dara is a certified Black Belt martial arts instructor who for the past 15 years has taught women practical safety skills they can use every day to avoid sexual assault and abuse. Personal coaching will provide you with effective techniques to use when faced with a controlling family member or narcissist personality, and decrease your chance of ever being involved or hurt by a predator.

If you are excited about making dramatic changes to your life, personal coaching with Dara Connolly is beneficial for any woman over age 18 who wants to find her voice, increase her confidence, and prevent bullying and abusive relationships.

Are you ready to exude confidence and start attracting positive people and opportunities to you? Personal coaching with Dara is available at your convenience. Fill out the Contact Form
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(Note: This coaching program is not for those in life-threatening situations; in these cases please contact a psychotherapist or call 911.)