Helping Women Identify and Prevent Bullies, Abusers, and Predators to live Confident, Fearless, and Safe.

Dara Connolly
"America's Bully Buster"
Speaker & Author

Presentation Topics:
* Someone You Know- Relationships, Bullies, & Predators
Master de-escalation techniques to use with family members, co-workers, and everyday abusers.
The top 3 secrets to prevent bullies and abusers from selecting you.
Demonstrate effective boundaries, body language, and how to best communicate your "No".
Takeaway practical action steps to Live Confident, Fearless, and Safe today.

* Jerky Johnny- Expert Skills to Prevent Sexual Assault
Identify the key areas to increase personal safety and date rape prevention.
Learn the new rules of consent and dating.
The importance of "who," "when," and "how" predators strike.
Discover the power of identifying predators
before they hurt you.
Real-life safety skills women can use everyday.

How to Handle Workplace Sexism & Bullying
(available for coed audiences)
Learn effective techniques to diffuse inappropriate behavior at work.
Discover the art of speaking up while improving relations and satisfaction within your team.
Master the power of reading and emitting effective body language to communicate your intention.

*Break Through Fear & Achieve Success in Work, Life, & Relationships
Develop the techniques of high performers and
break through fear and start living with purpose.
Discover where most people fail and how you can master fear with ease.
Takeaway the action steps necessary to create lasting behavior change.

* What to Do When Faced with a Predator
(physical workshop)
Practice the power of voice and the most effective words to use.
Learn practical hands-on fighting skills necessary to best defend yourself to avoid being a statistic.

Proven Methods to Raising Confident Young Adults
Practice parent-to-young adult coaching to use effective language.
Discover the "power of being a fan".
Introduce 3 behaviors every parent must eliminate.
Explain the new rules of dating and consent in the current culture.

Takeaway the action steps to create lasting communication and respect.

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